Western Carolina University LPR

If you do not have a temporary paper plate, please click on “VIN or Temp Plate?” when adding a vehicle to your account, and enter your full VIN. Once your DMV-issued license plates have arrived, you will be required to immediately update your information on My UC Merced Parking portal Failure to add the new vehicle license plate information may result in a citation. An omniQ LPR-enabled parking solution is ideal for commercial parking operations that want centralized billing, management, and monitoring. The solution uses omniQ LPR to compare license plate reads against a centrally managed database of authorized vehicles for fast and automatic entry and exit.
Each phase will be measured and assessed to ensure the program provides a positive parking experience on campus and meets our goals. With each new phase, we will communicate information and make updates to this page. Customers may let their friends borrow their parking pass for the day, or the pass may get stolen.
License Plate Recognition is used in parking management to help control user behavior by enforcing parking regulations and ensuring vehicles stay in the correct parking areas for the right amount of time. This reduces overstays and helps keep parking spaces available for all drivers who are compliant. In most cases, license plate recognition helps communities, cities, and businesses reduce violation rates significantly. License Plate Recognition is a virtual permit system that allows you to use your license plate as your parking permit. lpr parking solutions worrying about properly displaying your parking permit or transferring your permit between vehicles. LPR works much like a supermarket scanner but it uses your vehicle’s plate in place of a barcode.
If the camera captures an authorized license plate, the software tells the system to unlock the gate or door of the vehicle. A camera, which you install near the gate or door with controlled access. The LPR camera scans each vehicle’s license plate to capture the numbers and letters.
3.Intelligent management and control, unattended, combined with self-service payment machine, central payment, mobile payment to form a comprehensive parking solution. 2.Built-in license plate recognition algorithm, high accuracy, support coil trigger, video trigger, mixed mode trigger. Log into yourIU parking accountto update your current vehicle information and license plate. Yes, Macrosafe LPR parking system can detect no license plate vehicles.